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StoryBoard Pro for Windows

Windows Version of Storyboard Pro

With Storyboard Pro, Freehand, you can make storyboards.

A fantastic free tool for creating mockups and editing game is Storyboard Pro. Although using Storyboard Pro doesn’t require any special abilities, it can be greatly simpler if you do. Storyboard Pro doesn’t restrict the types of press you can use to create your storyboards, in contrast to some tools of a matching nature. Display docs can even be used to make storyboards!

Even if you’ve’ve never used Storyboard Pro before, you can probably give it a shot because it’s’s an easy program to use. All Windows versions, from Windows 98 to Windows Vista, likely work with this software. On the Microsoft website, you can look for the term” resolution tile” on the product’s’s page if you are unsure of which version you currently have( especially Xp ). You can find out all the specific steps you need to take to start this application on the material section. Start processing your storyboards by downloading Storyboard Pro for free.

You ought to see a window like this one after downloading and installing Storyboard Pro:




Windows Version of Storyboard Pro
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